Summertime, Assassins, and Other Skullduggeries

By J.D. Cunegan

When love between assassins goes wrong, it *really* goes wrong.

Summer Rhoades kills people for a living. Except the one time she didn’t.

She promised a wealthy, well-connected man she would take out his target, only to have a change of heart once she realizes the mark is not who she was told. Instead of confronting Hunter Bailey on his duplicity, though, Summer sends the target away and makes a break for it herself.

Which is fine, until Hunter Bailey finds out and comes after her. But only in the way overly rich men who never do anything for themselves can.

Now, Summer finds herself on the run, the proverbial mouse in that timeless game. Several former colleagues (if they can be called that) are after her, one after another, eager to cash in—but one assassin in particular turns up at every available opportunity. Someone who represents the best, and the worst, of Summer’s torrid life: her ex-girlfriend, and fellow assassin, Lola Haskins.

Summer has seven days to survive the price on her head. But no matter how many bullets or blades she dodges, no matter how much running she does, one thing Summer can’t outrun is her own heart.

Maybe she doesn’t want to.

J.D. Cunegan (Bounty, Notna) presents Summertime, Assassins, and Other Skullduggeries, a tale of love lost, love gained, bloodshed, and corruption begetting all such things, giving readers yet another taste of Cunegan’s comic book-inspired brand of fast-paced prose, with chapters that fly by and plot twists that will leave readers guessing and waiting for more.

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