Sunbeams and Raindrops

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

Wilma fears her shaking hands are the end of everything; Aggie thinks not.

Aggie Hollister feels blessed in her relationship with Wilma Saunders, a semi-retired concert pianist. Two seniors, she tells herself, happy and having a “second-time around” marriage with everything they could have wanted from life and love.

Suddenly, a predicament threatens their Sequim, Washington, paradise. Aggie hears a crash in Wilma’s bathroom and rushes through the house to find her cleaning up a mess. Wilma claims she’s okay but Aggie realizes this isn’t the first time that something has slipped out of her hands. Is this a little problem that may go away on its own—or a serious issue that could affect Wilma, Aggie, their relationship, and their lives? All dreams of a river cruise in Europe are pushed aside as Aggie and Wilma attempt to solve the riddle created by Wilma’s fragile hands. Are Seattle surgeons the answer, or is there aid closer to home on the Olympic Peninsula that will help Wilma heal? Can they fly to the Continent this year, next year, or ever?

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