The Black Lesbian Swinger Series, Book 1

By Tuesday Harper

"The two of you are swingers?"

Their very friendly and very attractive neighbors invite the couple over for dinner and wine. Allison & Zay are the type of couple who can’t keep their hands off of each other. They also talk a lot about their experiences swinging and how its helped strengthen their relationship.

Nadia & Lynn are living their happily ever after. Raising their baby boy and enjoying their new house, it seems as if everything is going right for the married couple. Except its been months since they had sex. Nadia works too much. Lynn is tired from dealing with the baby all night. The hot romance has fizzled. Nadia and Lynn turn into a cliche, acting like two ships passing in the night.

So, they are more than a little interested when Allison and Zay talk about how they’ve kept things spicy between them. Nadia and Lynn enjoy the salacious details of their new friends swinger lifestyle, but they are totally surprised when Allison and Zay suggest taking their friendship to a more intimate level.

“Are you and your wife trying to sleep with me and mine?”

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