Taken By The Vampire Femme

By M. N. Tinker

She expected a one night stand with a dazzling dominant femme - not a vampire eager to feast on her in every way possible.

Sam Cross is a young butch, excited for her first night at the gay bar. From her curly auburn hair immaculately coiffed to fall perfectly over her pale face, to her trusty leather jacket and ring of keys, she feels like she’s prepared to take on anything. However, she got more than she bargained for with Kalisha Otieno, a gorgeous femme who seems to draw everyone’s eyes to her, Sam’s included.

However, Kalisha is more than just a dominant Black femme with a love of A-line dresses – she is a vampire. And Sam looks good enough to eat. Of course, Kalisha loves playing with her food, and Sam is no exception – she’s bringing out the handcuffs tonight. But, the butch seems like more than just a one night stand…

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