Taking the Long Road Home

The Loni Wagner Crime Fiction Series, Book 3

By Sue Hardesty

Her family gone and dumped by her girlfriend, Loni moves as far from the sadness. She hopes.

“Humor in mystery novels makes me happy, and Sue Hardesty has included plenty of wacky characters along with the serious ones. Longsuffering Loni Wagner has to put up with a host of dingbats, but as always, she manages. You can read this one for fun AND for suspense.” Jessie Chandler, author of the Shay O’Hanlon Caper Series

Devastated by the loss of her grandparents and the desertion of her girlfriend, Loni Wagner accepts a job offer and moves from Arizona to a coastal town in Oregon. As a police lieutenant with a small crew of detectives and a dispatcher, her days are routine and comfortable, that is, until her first lover, Jenna, reappears in her life. Loni and Jenna had spent two beautiful years together at Lewis and Clark College studying pre-law until one day Jenna left, and Loni never saw her again.

When Loni’s officers arrest Jenna for murder, Loni is not only shocked and curious, but she feels compelled to prove her innocent. The two head for a wild time in a dangerous tsunami of violence and treachery, facing unknown peril in unexpected places and an elusive someone who wants Jenna to rot in hell–with Loni beside her.

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