Tempted By Her

The Mainely Books Club Series, Book 3

By Chelsea M. Cameron

I didn't believe in falling in love, until I met Lark Conroy.

I wasn’t looking forward to finding a new roommate after my best friend, Joy, moved in with her girlfriend, Ezra. We’ve lived together for years, and I didn’t want to start over with a stranger. Then there’s a fire at the house Lark’s renting and for some reason I open my mouth and offer to let her move in with me.

Lark Conroy, the same woman I had one blisteringly hot night with months ago and have pretended to be normal around ever since. When it comes to love, I’m allergic to romance. I like to hit-it and quit-it and move on with my life.

There’s no reason I can’t be cordial and normal with Lark while we live together temporarily. We’re both mature adults. Well, I’m not that mature, but I can fake it.

Turns out pretending I don’t want to kiss Lark every waking moment is harder than I thought, and spending time with her is giving me feelings that I’ve never had before and don’t know what to do with. I’m in a situation and I have absolutely no idea how to stop myself from falling in love with her, or if I even want to.

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