Tentacle Submission

The Tantalizing Tentalces Series, Book 2

By Riley Rose

Kione and her sexy friends have consentacle fun and fight sex-crazed zombies!

Kione is a treasure hunter extraordinaire who recently partnered with a strange tentacle creature named Kez. He not only helps her explore ancient crypts and caves, but also is amazingly adept at plundering every part of her tender womanhood.

Kione thought having a tentacle boyfriend was strange enough. But she never expected to encounter zombies! Or have to help two young women – Jess and Casey – who are jacked up on zombie sauce and can’t control their lust for each other.

Will Kione and Kez be able to prevent Jess and Casey from becoming sex zombies? Or will they submit to an overload of undead eroticism? Find out in the second book in the Tantalizing Tentacles series!

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