That Crooked Grin

By Opal Norwood

Do not fall in love with the nanny.

Rule #1: Do not fall in love with the nanny.

When life starts dishing out problems, it doesn’t pull any punches.

Ollie knows this all too well. She recently became the guardian of her sister’s six-year-old child, lost her long-term girlfriend, and is now struggling to pay the mortgage on her small town paramedic’s salary.

Reluctantly, the snarky grump decides to ask for help, even though it stings her pride to do so. Ollie writes a help wanted ad, begging for a poorly paid nanny. The only perk she can offer is room and board. Against all odds, she hopes that someone desperate enough will respond. She certainly needs them to.

Enter Dahlia, a vibrant ray of sunshine from the big city. With her parents’ money, she doesn’t need a high-paying job. What she needs is companionship, purpose, and an escape from her overbearing family as she figures out who she truly is after breaking up with her boyfriend. Ollie’s help wanted ad seems like a godsend to her.

When these two opposites come together under one roof, all they want is a chance at financial and personal freedom. However, what they find is much more complicated.

Ollie is drawn to Dahlia’s adorable quirkiness and positive outlook, but doesn’t want to risk the stability Dahlia has brought to her niece’s life. Dahlia can’t help but giggle at Ollie’s foul mouth and is captivated by her confidence, but can’t quite decipher the fluttering feeling in her tummy whenever she catches Ollie’s gaze.

As their feelings for each other grow, the duo must decide if the possibility of a relationship is worth risking the perfect business arrangement.

Will they manage to keep things professional? Or will they find the courage to venture into uncharted territory and risk turning their lives upside down one more time?

If you love sapphic romances with a generous mix of humor and heat, this book is for you. That Crooked Grin is an opposites attract, forced proximity, toaster oven romance set in a small town in the mountains of Alaska.

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