The Best Time

By Sienna Waters

What would you do if your past walked through your door?

Dumped and depressed, Lil Bradley is left running her dream bookshop without her dream woman. All that’s left of her fiancée is the half-finished coffee shop in the corner of the store.

And then Riley Winters reappears.

Riley is convinced that she’s dying. So she’s come back to Amberly, the home that she’s been avoiding for fifteen years. And when she walks into Lil’s store it’s like turning back the hands of time.

Except it’s a clock that neither one of them really wanted to mess with.

There’s no way that they’re about to recapture their history together. If only because Kayden, Lil’s best friend and Riley’s big brother, would never forgive them. Anyway, Lil’s happy alone and Riley’s busy dying.

Until Riley’s diagnosis isn’t quite as fatal as she thought, and it turns out she came home for all the wrong reasons. But can she be persuaded to stay for all the right ones?

Sometimes all it takes is a reminder of what’s truly important to turn your life upside down…

The Best Time is a new stand-alone lesbian romance from Sienna Waters, the bestselling author of The Wrong Date and A Perfect Mess.

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