The Black Bird of Chernobyl

By Ann McMan

What happens when a loner goth mortician with a dark sense of humor reluctantly teams up with a cookie-baking brand identity expert?

Fame, fortune, and enough sparks to keep things interesting both upstairs and down . . . below.

Everything about Lilah Stohler is dark: her clothes, her mood, and her outlook on life and death. That last part is important because Lilah’s father has just retired and left her in charge of Stohler’s Funeral Home. But Abel Stohler knows his daughter’s comfort level rests “downstairs,” so he hires one Sparkle Lee Sink, to help Lilah manage the living part of the business of death.

Sparkle is everything that Lilah isn’t—a denizen of the Junior League, an aspiring baker, and a marketing whiz.

Lilah isn’t happy about this new arrangement to begin with, but when business starts booming because of Sparkle’s bright personality, craveable baked goods, and well-healed social connections, Lilah starts to think things might just work out. But joy is fleeting in the funeral home business, and Lilah’s world is turned upside down when an unwitting Instagram post featuring Lilah goes viral—and now, sightings of The Black Bird of Chernobyl have become an obsession in Winston-Salem and across the Instaverse. Lilah knows that Sparkle needs to go, but before she can give her the send-off she deserves, Lilah must first find a way to deal with the inconvenient attraction she’s developed for a colleague whose unconventional methods are single-handedly saving their business.

Two-time Lambda Literary Award-winning author Ann McMan takes readers inside the inner workings of the funeral home business as only she can in this remarkable and wholly unforgettable romantic comedy that proves Life is for the Living.

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