The Blight of Blackridge

The Book of Payne Series, Book 1

By R.P. Dunwater

They’ll regret everything.

All Eleanor Payne wants is to live her life in peace.

But a war between the gods has cracked the world in two, and the Payne family pledged to the losing side.

The village of Blackridge has labeled them traitors. They’ve fallen far from grace and lost nearly everything.

With her mother desperate to convert to preserve the little they have left and her great-grandmother forbidding it, Eleanor has no choice but to pick a side.

She would rather starve than surrender.

On the hunt for another path, Eleanor uncovers powerful secrets that the Payne matriarchs buried in their past. And a condemning truth about the dark history of Blackridge. The more she uncovers, the more desperate the village becomes to silence her.

But Eleanor has come too far to turn back now. And when faced with the dangerous consequences of digging too deep, she unlocks a terrifying power within herself.

One that will make Blackridge wish they hadn’t pushed her so far.

The Blight of Blackridge is a dark fantasy tale of grief, power, and the ultimate cost of revenge. It features clean sapphic romance.

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