The Christmas Memory

By Barbara Winkes

Her Christmas wish comes true - but for how long?

Her wish comes true for Christmas, but not the way she intended…

Avery, a photographer and a barista at The Ground Floor, is falling for one of her most loyal customers, Clare, who works in the same building and comes in for a sweet treat and a kind word most mornings.

When Clare slips and falls on a patch of ice one day, Avery rushes to help her, only to realize that after the fall and a concussion, Clare has gaps in her memory and acts like she and Avery are a couple.

Does that mean she has always felt the same? Avery knows she needs to tell her the truth eventually, but Clare seems adamant about rejecting every attempt to clear up the misunderstanding. And then there are her own, long-held feelings for Clare…

Can they still create the perfect Christmas memory, or will reality catch up to them?

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