The Configuration of a Soul

The Configuration of a Soul Series, Book 1

By Irina Diamond

The emotionless meets the emotional.

In a world where knowledge is considered power, Elitist Eris had her fair share of feeling powerless, especially when she’s nothing but a Scholar — someone who hasn’t even chosen a subject of study yet.

But then something happens that sends her into a place of escape: the Slums. There, she met the siblings Aaron and Natlee, and Eris realizes that they are different from the Elitists she grew up around. For some reason, they seemed to experience emotions that Eris had never seen before, in herself or other Elitists, and she fully intended on figuring out why that was.

That was until one of the siblings dies at gunpoint. Suddenly, she had to try and navigate through their world and her own in order to bring them back, which is much harder when a mysterious Elitist girl, who could be holding the key to how she could revive someone, seems to be constantly following her around being suspiciously helpful.

Will she be able to bring them back? Can she trust this strange new girl? Is she an ally or an enemy? Or will her treachery come to light and send everything crashing down before she ever finds out?

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