The Consciousness

By Claire Highton-Stevenson

Halloween doesn't have to be scary...

They’ve walked among us for centuries, but you’d never know.

Plasmadians hide in plain sight, long since outliving the myths and rumours about vampires and Dracula.

On a dark and lonely street, Journalist Ruth Evan’s finds herself in trouble, until she is rescued by a man with a story to tell, a story she will help him keep secret. Ralph recognises something in her that won’t become clear for years to come, but when it does, she won’t be able to fight it.

When the Queen of the dead comes to town, Ruth feels suddenly drawn to the woman in a way she has never felt before, and the feeling is mutual. They must work together to stop the discards from destroying peace between Humanity and the Plasmadians, while fighting their growing attraction to one another.

The Consciousness isn’t something to be ignored. A supernatural chemical reaction that will draw two soulmates together. Bound for an eternity to one another. But it doesn’t usually affect humans. Julia feels obligated to act on it, and take Ruth as her lover, but only if Ruth comes with free will.

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