The Crèche Keeper’s Guild

By Ware Wilkins and Faith Anthony

Babysitting's not a club . . . It's a battlefield.

When Anah and Hailee discover that their most recent bounty disappeared along with the rogue of the party, it’s time for the gloves to come off.

A tracking spell leads them straight into Farrow, a city known as a hub for adventurers…and right to the door of the Temple of Dinna, Goddess of Growth and Change. Their prey is hiding within the walls of the temple, but Anah and Hailee will need an excuse to conduct their search. An opportunity pops up, but not the kind of chance they are used to.

Instead of spells and swords, they have to commit to arts and crafts. Hired on as teachers in the temple crèche, Anah and Hailee are forced to face their hardest, meanest, scariest challenge yet —


They entered searching for revenge, but Dinna has a way of bringing new paths to the table. While searching for their former partner, they might just find acceptance, compassion, and some fickle sweet treats along the way.

A cozy fantasy novel for fans of Legends and Lattes, Can’t Spell Treason without Tea, and Kindergarten Cop.

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