The Crochet Killer

The Teddie McKay Series, Book 1

By C. K. Martin

With a serial killer on the lose, her past comes back to haunt her

He likes to make women smile.

For eternity.

Returning from her Caribbean vacation to the discovery of the fourth victim, Detective Teddie McKay knows she has to break the Crochet Killer case or lose it to someone else.

The serial killer is always one step ahead, leaving a trail of mutilated women in his wake. Even the hot-shot forensic investigator shipped in from out of state hasn’t produced a solid lead. The local media are turning her failures into a witch hunt and soon the national press will be gunning for her too. The pressure begins to mount and Teddie’s frustration reaches boiling point.

When her ex, TV reporter Tammy Johnson, re-enters her life to cover the story, Teddie has to juggle her feelings with her career. Not for the first time, she fears if someone makes the connection it will be the final nail in the coffin for her credibility.

As the clock ticks down towards victim number five, Teddie knows she has to do something radical to solve the case. But is she prepared to risk her own life and those around her to lure a psychopath out into the open?

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