The Date Square Dharma

The Stafford Falls Series, Book 2

By Patti Murphy

What do we have in this world besides moments with those we love?

Olivia Sutton has every reason to be happy. And yet…her best friend is leaving her cryptic messages, a rebellion is forming at the church luncheon committee and her recently deceased friend, Eddie Spaghetti, has started talking to her.

But even bigger problems are brewing in the idyllic town of Stafford Falls. For one thing, Angie’s business is struggling, and for another, Olivia can’t seem to bring herself to actually work on the heartbreaking portrait of Eddie Spaghetti that she promised to paint. It seems like things can’t get worse…until the mayor and his cronies set their sights on Julia’s café and then the gloves are off.

Will Julia be able to keep the café open? Will Angie’s fledgling business ever get off the ground? And how will Olivia make her way to the other side of her grief?

The much-anticipated second book in The Stafford Falls Series, The Date Square Dharma will make you laugh, cry and cheer out loud. Heartbreaking and funny, it’s a story about kindness, saying goodbye and some truly exceptional baked goods.

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