The Disappeared

By Nicole Pyland

Ten years after her brother's disappearance, Ava is thrown back into the case when an interview for the anniversary and the detective that made her a promise to find Noah re-enters her life and changes it forever.

Dylan Easton had many cases over the course of her career as a detective, but only one she would describe as the one she’d never let go of. It had started the day she’d made a promise to a fourteen-year-old girl that she would find her brother.

Ten years after Noah’s disappearance, the two women are reunited when a true crime series wants to highlight the anniversary of the missing boy. Ada is now ten years older and still bitter about the way her life had taken a turn that day, and Dylan is now a detective, on her way to running her own team. When the two women meet up after all these years, there’s an unwanted spark between them that they attempt to deny.

A new lead in the case, mixed with some startling discoveries, has these two women attempting to balance their new and confusing attraction to one another along with the possibility of finding Noah Cramer.

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