The Dreamcatcher Tattoo

By Anne-Marie Pellow

A dream is a wish your aching heart makes

For Lisa Lewis, the days of waking up in the morning and looking forward to what the day might bring are long gone. The reason? Her relationship with Peter. Or more precisely, it’s a manipulationship. Her motto nowadays is “anything for a quiet life.” That is, until a new neighbour moves into flat number three.

Kim Henshaw is taking the first of her belongings up to her new flat, which comes with the purchase of a second-hand bookshop on the ground floor, when she meets her neighbour for the first time. But is it the first time? There’s something tantalisingly familiar about Lisa.

Simmering tension begins from the moment their eyes meet. Kim tries her hardest to break the chains that bind Lisa, but can they take a risk? Especially when there’s a dangerous narcissist in the mix…

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