The Duchess’s Bodyguard

The Truly Faeted Series, Book 1

By Drea C

Tensions run high in a world divided by realms, separated by species, and ruled by monarchs.

A faerie duchess and werewolf huntress defy age-old feuds from the past, contriving a mutually beneficial scheme to fulfill each other’s selfish needs.

Perpetually in search of get-rich-quick schemes, Robin LaFleur’s career as a huntress to the pack held no upward movement toward financial stability. When a travesty shakes the world around her, opportunity knocks, providing Robin a mystery to solve and a bounty to hunt.

While on the hunt for her bounty, she encounters Yashona Hartwell, the ethereal faerie duchess who catches her eye and challenges her at every turn. Duchess Yashona is desperate to escape the suffocating four-guard box formation, stifling her freedom. She offers Robin a job she can’t refuse as her personal guard, satisfying her desire for freedom and Robin’s need for financial stability.

What started as a partnership of convenience could be exactly what they both need.

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