The Emblem of the Sea

By Jenny Neal-Teekasingh

An enchanting underwater romance

Can the forbidden love of two princesses unite their opposing kingdoms?

Deep at the bottom of the ocean, the Emblem of the Sea, rumored to belong to and hold the power to protect the underwater realm, waits to be discovered.

Mari is a dreamer, imaginative, and has a heart filled with kindness. Ruling Kinase’s kingdom and searching for the Emblem does not interest her. For as long as she can remember, Mari’s heart has been silently yearning for Cassie. Revelation of her love would be considered treasonous.

In contrast to Mari’s quiet infatuation, Cassie is driven, ambitious, and ready for the crown of Aegis. As lieutenant of the Aegis army, she believes ruling Aegis and finding the Emblem is her destiny.

As fate would have it, Mari and Cassie’s paths intertwine, and their passions ignite, proving threats of treason are no match for love. But when a familiar enemy threatens to destroy the sirens of both kingdoms, will the legendary Emblem be found in time?

The Emblem of the Sea is a tale of two princesses from rival kingdoms who must fight for their love and transcend the deepest divide in a mesmerizing underwater sapphic retelling of Romeo & Juliet.

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