The Forgotten Realms

The Imperial Rand Series, Book 2

By Silvia Shaw

The Sweeping saga of the fantasy world of Rand continues.

Her time at Falcon’s Keep over, Savannah comes into her full power as the wielder of the sacred medallion. She seeks help in Arcadia to interpret the Prophecy Chart, the black magic spell that divides the Forgotten Realms from the rest of Rand. As well as having to battle sorcery to bring down the Wall, she faces the nearly impossible task of persuading the fierce Bramble Hawks to come out of their mountains.

Meanwhile, the chief Dreamer, courtesan Jezzine, is assigned to protect Princess Fern, heir to the Arcadian throne, from the Crow assassins. But other evil forces are in play in Arcadia, for the Dark Hollow Wizards have a hidden agenda in the realm.

Pela, now Supreme Commander, readies Rand’s armies for the invasion after centuries of peace. And as the world edges closer to war, fates are inextricably woven together, new alliances forged, and fabled Queens rise.

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