The Ghost of Hexes Past

The Witches of Moondale Series, Book 2

By Lou Wilham

Some dreams should stay dead.

Azure Elwood’s world was clear cut—simple—she knew her place in it and what was expected of her. That all changed about two months ago when Icarus “Rus” Ashthorne moved back to Moondale and made things . . . complicated. As the fight for The Coven of the Forgotten heats up, Azure comes face to face with insecurities and choices she thought long buried.

Rus Ashthorne has never known her place in the world, never had a “home” really. After returning to Moondale and reuniting with the family she left behind, she’s decided maybe it’s time to settle down. Only life is never that simple, is it? And as the Board of Magic is keen to remind her, necromancers aren’t welcome in Moondale.

So, when a broken bluebird shows up on Az’s doorstep, and the board’s demands start taking a toll on Rus’s physical and mental health, their tenuous relationship will be tested. And they’ll find that maybe “home” is just as complex—and as simple—as they always thought.

A LGBTQ+ cozy urban fantasy novel for fans of The Ex Hex, and October Daye.

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