The Girls

By Sunny Alexander

Join THE GIRLS and celebrate with them as they make their way through a decades-long journey of laughter and tears.

It is 2020, and President Julia Moorhead has signed the Freedom to Marry Act into law. Riots rule the streets as a nation struggles to find a new balance. To help the people understand and embrace equality, THE GIRLS’ lives and loves must be revealed. Meet the seven feisty, funny, brainy, zesty, opinionated, passionate and resourceful women affectionately known as THE GIRLS.

Char, a psychologist, is more than familiar with keeping dark secrets… including her own.

Em, the storyteller, has written a series of novels about a group of women who risk their lives to rescue the abused.

Iris, a United States Senator, finds romance on both sides of the gender aisle.

Les, a wunderkind, discovers a love far greater than her passion for medicine.

Max, the mechanic, can make the human heart purr as sweetly as any engine.

Frankie and Bobbie pack up their dishonorable discharges from the military and hop onto their Harleys for the freedom ride of their lives.

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