The Grace of Sorcerers

The Those Who Break Chains Series, Book 1

By Maria Ying

A warlock on a mission of revenge, a demon with a burning desire to be free.

To be a warlock in this age is to trade in powers and promises and poisons, to bind demons and men to your will, to break them as you see fit…

Viveca Hua is the warlock of her era, and she has finally obtained her enemy’s greatest weapon—the demon Yves, an entity powerful beyond imagining… and far more alluring than any mortal woman.

But each ritual has a price. Yves has her own past, one brutally intertwined with the nemesis that killed Viveca’s mother. Her secrets will make or break the hunt.

Whatever the risk to her heart or her soul, Viveca is sure of one thing: she will have victory at any cost.

The Grace of Sorcerers is a lesbian urban fantasy of smoldering shapeshifters, brooding demons, and the bloodthirsty mages who engage their services in both vengeance and lust.

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