The Great Christmas Tree Mystery

By Jamey Moody

What if where you belong isn’t a place, but a who?

The small town of Santa Junction is a magical place, especially during the holidays.

Sasha Solomon is an award winning investigative journalist that has traveled to all parts of the world reporting on tragedies and righting wrongs. After twenty five years she’s landed in Santa Junction at the local newspaper hoping to find the place she belongs.

Noelle Winters is returning for her family Christmas visit, but the town’s magical cheer no longer works on her. She hopes this is her last Christmas in Santa Junction.

When Sasha is tasked with solving the Great Christmas Tree Mystery Noelle becomes a surprising distraction. Maybe it’s not a place that Sasha belongs, maybe it’s a person. Has Santa Junction’s magic brought these two weary women together for more than just a merry Christmas?

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