The Gunrunner and Her Hound

The Those Who Bear Arms Series, Book 1

By Maria Ying

The Gunrunner and Her Hound is an F/F/F mosaic novella (40,000 words) built from short stories connected by an overarching plot.

Viveca Hua, arms-dealer

…is driven by three things: the certainty of steel, the need to win, and the compulsion to possess.

Yves, bodyguard

…hunts for the place she belongs, and she might just have found it in the captivating Viveca, who offers her a new organization, an answer—and a collar.

But their world is violent. It is unpredictable. Luck alone will not shield them. Together they must survive assassins, rival gunrunners, and their own lethal attraction.

Part romance (happy ever after included), part thriller, this is a high-heat love story set in contemporary Hong Kong, where passion burns between a ruthless ice queen and an ex-soldier who fled a ruined empire.

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