The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams

By Halo Scot

You are the voice for those who have none. You are the heartbeat of a million dreams.

Mars has a shadow, a mirror world torn from the chaos of an eons-old rivalry between gods and titans. An elite few protect this secret to preserve the peace. But when a girl comes along with the power to reunite Mars, worlds collide in cosmic war.

Slade Hawk is a monster. That’s what they tell her, at least. Hunted since birth, she’s lived her life in dumpsters, subways, and in-between places. She’s a ghost to most, a forgettable blur. Some call her a wolf, a leader of the pack, the bridge between worlds, but she can barely survive each day.

She is one of the evolved humans, a starchild who can shift between matter and energy at will—though her power stretches farther and reaches darker. Earth fears her people and exiles them to Mars. They want her dead, want Mars to burn, and fear can shape fate, can erase the brightest stars. Slade must overcome horrific odds to conquer Earth’s cruelty and free Mars from war.

Are you a moment?
Or are you infinity?
Will anyone remember your name?

• • •

From Halo:

The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams is about a queer and neurodivergent superhero on a sci-fi and sapphic journey. This story is not nearly as dark as my other work—there is hope and maybe even a happy ending (don’t tell Kyder and Rune). If you see the world through a different lens, this one’s for you. It is my wish that you find yourself in something between these pages, for wherever you are on the human spectrum. Let’s escape to Mars.

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