The Helion Band

By AJ Mason

Can she escape her past, and find a place to call home again?

Rose’s only crime was to show kindness to her royal mistress…

Now she’s a fugitive, fleeing from Queen Penthesilea, aided only by the mysterious bracelet that was a scornful gift from her merciless ruler. Rose lives in uncomfortable symbiosis with it, ignorant of its origins and potential. All she knows is that if Penthesilea catches her, she’s as good as dead.

Now Queen Penthesilea knows what she gave away in error—an ancient treasure which imbues its bearer with powers and abilities beyond imagining—she must get it back. Without the Helion Band, her throne and life are on the line.

When Rose’s feelings for the dashing captain Vash Munro intensify, she’s faced with a choice; leave Vash behind and keep running alone, or trust Vash with her secrets and run together.

Relentlessly pursued across the galaxy by an increasingly desperate Pentesilea, will Rose find the strength to take a stand or will she fall to the queen and lose everything?

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