The Hellfire Quartet

The Complete Collection

By Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings

Give your soul to the Devil, because you’re in her playground now.

Welcome to Hellfire, where there are only three rules. Consent is a must. Safety is paramount. No judgment of anyone or whatever the desire. Other than that?

Prepare to give your soul to the Devil, because you’re in her playground now.

This collection contains the following related short novellas:


Bree sees Hellfire as her permanent escape. A place where she can forget her old relationships and seek out new, temporary pleasures. Yet when she sees the woman of her dreams on the night of a big key party, Bree knows she must have her – even if for only tonight.

Yet Amelia isn’t a woman who gives her heart as easily as she gives her body. Fresh from a heartbreaking divorce, she’s in Hellfire to get back in the dating game, convinced that a night of senseless fun with a stranger will erase her sadness.

When Bree ends up in her dream girl’s room, Amelia is more than surprised. They both like women, but there is something about this encounter that is new to them both. For Amelia, it’s her first taste of a real romance with another woman. For Bree, it’s the first inkling that true love might be real after all.


Danica has suffered enough bad luck to last her the rest of her life. The only highlight is using up the last month of her short-lived Hellfire membership to blow off some steam in LA’s most exclusive adult club.

Too bad she bumps into the woman who has absolutely wrecked her chances at stardom.

Cherry is one of LA’s most notable music producers, single-handedly creating a new wave of Motown and R’n’B staples for a brave new century. As a guest judge on American Song Champion, she first heard Danica’s voice and found it intriguing. The stage presence, though? Wanting.

Now they’re both in Hellfire, and Danica has nothing to lose. When she confronts Cherry in the VIP lounge, there’s more than attraction simmering between them. There’s that energy Cherry found lacking only a few months ago, when Danica performed on live TV to a panel of bored judges.

Danica isn’t boring now. She’s exactly who Cherry is looking for tonight.


Tallulah is currently one of Hollywood’s biggest ingenues, and there’s nothing she loves more than partying in Hellfire, the only place she’s allowed to be the big, domineering queen of seduction instead of the sweet girl-next-door America wants her to be. There’s nobody in the circle of regulars who doesn’t know her, let alone hasn’t seen her biggest assets to come straight from the plastic surgeon’s.

Too bad her bodyguard would rather be anywhere else.

For over a year, Rae has followed Tallulah into the club to make sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble. Between drunken nights on the pole and almost walking in front of paps with her goods hanging out, Rae has her work cut out for her. It doesn’t help that there are two things working woefully against the mild-mannered bodyguard who just wants her paycheck….

First, she doesn’t care much for this whole deviance thing. Yet her quiet, unrequited love for a woman who barely knows her name after all this time is making her rethink things.


Married couple Jeanette and Roxy are in Hellfire to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, but paradise shakes wherever they step. For the past several months, the “happy” couple have been arguing more and more about the path of their relationship.

For one thing, Jeanette wants to take things to the next level with the woman who wooed her with seductive dirty words and promises of a marriage full of the deviance clubs like Hellfire offer. Except Roxy has not been herself for quite some time. What spark they had when they said “I do” has been soured over years of bills, stressful jobs, and extended family pulling them in opposite geographic directions.

Can Jeanette help the woman she loves come out of her funk? Can Roxy find the fire within her to look at her wife the way she used to?

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