The Honeymoon Hijackers

By Natasha West

Faking it never felt so good.

Every family wedding involves a bit of drama, right? However, when Sasha Malone attends her cousin’s nuptials, she gets a bit more than she bargained for. When both brides abandon the wedding, Sasha gets roped in to accompany her broken-hearted cousin on what should have been her honeymoon aboard a swanky yacht around the Mediterranean. So far, so not-so-bad. But when Sasha’s cousin doesn’t turn up for the voyage without a word of warning, Sasha is left setting sail all alone and none the wiser.

But the shocks keep coming.

Aboard the boat is another person who isn’t supposed to be there. The other bride’s sister, Josie Adler, has snuck aboard the boat posing as her sibling – determined to take advantage of a fancy (not to mention free) trip. When the boat’s crew mistakenly believe that both women are the original and intended honeymooners, Sasha, thinking she’s already accidentally committed a crime by going on the trip without her cousin, panics and assumes her cousin’s identity.

Now both of them are lying. And if they stop, they could be in serious trouble.

Sasha is stuck on the boat with Josie with no choice but to play the happy honeymooners or get arrested for stealing the trip. Which would be bad enough if Sasha and Josie could stand the sight of each other. But Sasha is furious that the pathologically laidback Josie doesn’t seem to care about the trouble they could get in if they’re rumbled, and Josie thinks Sasha is an uptight buzzkill who’s getting in the way of her good time.

But since the alternative is probably prison, Sasha and Josie will need to work hard to make their love look real. Very hard indeed…

The Honeymoon Hijackers is a warm and witty sapphic romantic comedy from the internationally bestselling author of The Missus and Just Married?

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