The Life Bestowed

The Prince Edward County Series, Book 2

By Patricia Spencer

Is a future possible when the past hasn't been healed?

Jean Louise (“Scout”) Neal has been living a predictable life that even she describes as ‘same-old’. She’s a Nurse Practitioner in beautiful Prince Edward County, Canada. She has her home, her routine, and her Gal Pals. Life is under control, just the way she’s always liked it.

Then she starts working with Professor Kit Delaney, a trans woman who is teaching health care providers how to give culturally-competent medical care to sexual and gender minority patients. Recovering from the loss of her long-time marriage, the last thing Kit needs is to fall in love again.

Scout knows little about trans people, but a cautious step at a time she and Kit deepen their relationship. Same-old goes out the window. Then crisis strikes and their families enter the picture. It becomes clear that in order to move forward as a couple, Scout and Kit also need to look back.

The Life Bestowed is an angsty, slow burn romance between mature women that examines the complexities of love and identity and explores how our wider circle of loved ones are woven into the very fabric of who we are.



Two years in research and writing, this book has been professionally edited as well as sensitivity-read by trans women to ensure respectful portrayal of a trans character. Humanity is wildly diverse. The trans community is not monolithic any more than the cis community is. Since the main character, Kit, is in her mid-50s, her experiences reflect generational particularities as well as individual ones. She is also from Ontario, Canada, so her cultural influences, use of regional language, and political environment may differ from those of trans women in other parts of the world.

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