The Life Coach

By Sienna Waters

It's time to let a little sunshine into your life..

Meet Vivien Curtis, a divorced, depressed, reclusive true crime addict. All she wants is to be left alone, and for the kids to stay off her lawn.

Until Alice Knowles appears. A young life coach hired by Viv’s best friend Evie to get Viv back on her feet again, Alice wants nothing more than to meet Ms. Right, get married, and start adopting cats.

It’s hate at first sight when grumpy meets sunshine, but both women are keeping secrets. Viv sure isn’t telling anyone about the weird fizzy feelings she gets when Alice is near. And Alice? Well, Alice isn’t a life coach at all. Yeah, it’s a long story…

Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we get it. And sometimes the hardest part of letting someone in is letting them walk away again… Or is it having the courage to face your mistakes and give things one last try?

The Life Coach is a new stand-alone lesbian romance with a HEA from Sienna Waters, the bestselling author of The Wrong Date, A Quiet Life and Tea Leaves & Tourniquets.

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