The Mage’s Secret

By Ami Spencer

All Mages should know, not everything is always as it seems…

When your safe-haven may not be as safe as you first thought…

Av Moss never thought they would find happiness within themselves. But finally admitting their feelings to their best friend had brought with it the security and love they had always been denied. But when they discover a young girl is being hunted, the peace Av has found is gone in a flash.

Sare Emmot would do anything to protect the person they’ve loved for ten years, and with their relationship finally out in the open, happiness is within touching distance. But with a Hidden Mage revealed, Sare knows in her heart what she must do; save the girl, even though it threatens to risk everything she has strived to keep safe.

But just as Av and Sare think they have a grasp on the threat, vengeance waves a trail of destruction and betrayal. Their Coven, and thier lives, are shattered.

The Mage’s Secret is the first book in the Crow’s Nest Coven series. A sapphic urban fantasy tale which explores the pain of family rejection, the joy of finding those who accept you for who you are, and the secrets which people keep.

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