The Matchmaker

By Natasha West

Looking for love in the modern age shouldn’t be so hard.

But for many, swiping right has gotten them nowhere. Some people need the human touch. That’s where Cleo Hicks comes in. She’s an expert matchmaker, a woman who can find love for just about anyone. Except herself. As amazing as Cleo is at arranging love for others, somehow, she never gets the girl. But she has her work and she does it extremely well.

Enter Scarlett Smith. Her love life is one disaster after another, and Cleo’s help is exactly what she needs. Someone to guide her in the direction of her perfect match. The only problem is, the more time Scarlett spends with her matchmaker, the more she finds that the only direction her heart is taking her is right towards Cleo.

However, despite Cleo’s attraction to her gorgeous client, she makes it clear she can never cross the line with Scarlett. But why IS the chronically single Cleo so damn unavailable? Scarlett’s about to find out the crazy truth about her intriguing matchmaker…

‘The Matchmaker’ is another hilarious romantic comedy from the writer of ‘Just Married?’ and ‘The Plus One.’

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