The One to Walk Away

The One Series, Book 1

By L. Dreamer

Hot mess FBI agent has a one-night stand with a pediatrician and can't get her out of her mind.

For FBI Special Agent Lake Stuart, doing the right thing had come at a price—her family. Years later, in a new city, a new career, she’s still feeling the burden of the cost. She refuses to let anyone close enough to break her heart again. She’s the one to walk away now—until she goes home with Dr. Mel Pascale for one of her many routine one-night stands. What happens to Lake’s ‘one and done’ way of companionship when she can’t get Mel out of her head?

Pediatrician Mel Pascale likes her life the way it is: working at a premier hospital and volunteering at a refugee clinic, hanging out with her nephew, sister, and best friend, and surfing. But she yearns to find someone special. When she (literally) runs into a beautiful, assertive woman, she’s taken with her immediately. And when she does something she’s never done before–take a stranger home for the night—something clicks into place and falls into an incongruous mess all at once.

Just as the two women are figuring out who they can be to each other, Mel gets embroiled in Lake’s multi-agency drug cartel corruption investigation, putting their burgeoning relationship—and lives—at risk.

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