The Only Reason

The Holidays with You Series, Book 3

By Shannon O'Connor

Two women, one fake relationship & a fall they'll never forget.

Bella Gold needs money for college, so when she hears of an agency that pays you to date people in return for large sums of cash she signs up. She knows what everyone’s thinking but she doesn’t take off her clothes, even if she wanted to. The only thing that happens is some hand holding and honest conversation. If she’s being honest, she feels bad for how lonely these people are.

Enter Dylan Marsh, a long time co executive at To Be Read Publishing. Whenher boss comments for the billionth time that she’s attending the parties alone, she decides to hire someone to help. The last thing she wants to do is date anyone her age or get married anytime soon, but maybe a few dates with a beautiful woman would get her boss off her back. As soon as Dylan meets Bella, it’s love at first sight. For Bella, it’s more of confusion, as she was expecting a man.

Dylan gives Bella a proposition she can’t turn down, pretend to date her for a few months and she’ll pay for her college tuition. At first Bella thinks it’s a prank set up by her best friends, but the more she gets to know Dylan, the more they surprise each other. Will Dylan be able to convince Bella to fall in love with her for real? Or will Bella cash the check and not look back?

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