The Perfect Blend

By Avery Warren

Lilliana and Ginny learn that they are better together.

Rich Girl.

Lilliana Goodwin has been thriving in her career, thanks in no small part to her privileged background. For the longest time, she thought her life was on the right track. All she needed was love. And then Ginny came along…

Poor Girl.

Ginny Williams has always enjoyed giving to and doing for others, especially if she can make them feel warm and cozy. Working at a coffee shop is practically a family tradition. All she’s missing out on is love. But she has a crush on Lilliana, who seems tantalizingly out of reach…

A Surprising Pairing.

When Lilliana and Ginny come together, they find it’s not so difficult to blend their worlds. Especially once they connect over shared loss and the still-resonating wounds of the past. They soon learn that they are better together, and that their love can reach others. All they have to do is take the first step.

The Perfect Blend is a low-angst, feel-good 30,000 word lesbian romance novella in which love is all anyone needs.

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