The Pirate Queen of Ruin

The Sins of the Flesh Series, Book 2

By Ash Raven

Orthia Moore I pledged my life to a god—my Love—who has kept me alive for centuries in hopes that one day I would provide them with enough strength to bring them to our realm.

In return, they have given me incredible powers, a second chance…

And a soulmate.

But as time has passed, I’ve not found the one meant for me. That is, until my Love calls for me to drag up a being of such divinity that I know she is my intended. Our god says that she has chosen us.

But she is a human, and I will never claim a human.

Delphini Fields

I have everything: money, power, status—until my penniless playboy of a fiancé murders me. My rage and desperate desire for vengeance calls to an ancient creature, a powerful god who offers me a choice:

Revenge or death?

It’s an easy answer, but with my new life aboard Orthia’s ship comes with many complications. I have new powers I can’t fully harness, and we’re on a mission to help raise a god from the abyss. Not to mention, I have a soulmate who’s determined to keep me at arm’s length.

But I always get what I want.

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