The Price of Revenge

By Dominique Davis

Can revenge truly heal a broken heart?

Whitney “Whit” Robinson and Sabrina Price have a deep and unbreakable bond forged through years of friendship. They’ve been through it all together, from first loves to family drama, and their bond seems destined to last beyond their college years.

But one fateful night changes everything. Whit is left reeling from the loss of her boyfriend, her once flawless reputation, and worst of all, her friendship with Sabrina. Wracked with grief, Whit devises a plan to get revenge against those who hurt her, including Sabrina.

Whit’s plan is simple: she’ll hurt Sabrina by pretending to date her estranged half-sister, Jordyn. But as Whit gets closer to Jordyn, she starts to question her motives and wonders if her quest for revenge is truly worth it. As Whit struggles to come to terms with her grief and anger, she finds herself facing a difficult choice. Will she be able to let go of her anger and heal, or will her quest for revenge cost her the one thing she never knew she wanted: love?

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