The Purification

The Alpha Evolution Series, Book 1

By Michele L Coffman

Seventeen-year-old Trish Webber is thankful to leave behind her lifelong underground prison until she confronts the monsters who now plague the planet.

New security recruit Trish Webber was born and raised in an underground bunker controlled by what was left of the U.S. government following a mysterious global disaster. After witnessing her mother’s murder at age four, she is isolated from others by her uncaring father. Trish’s main support comes from her mother’s best friend and head of bunker security, Lieutenant Colonel Aralyn Williams. Trish is a principled but reticent loner only recently coming out of her shell.

Eighteen-year-old Christina Burgos was raised in a walled-in community full of suffering. Hot-headed and courageous, Christina is opinionated and has many friends.

The worldwide devastation came and went, but what remained were murderous creatures roaming the planet intent on killing and infecting any survivors. Despite danger, Trish is ready to leave the bunker and Christina leaves her walled-in city only to have a chance encounter that changes both their lives.

Where did the infected monsters come from and will they overpower the last remnants of humanity? Will they learn the truth of what really happened nearly two decades earlier? And will Christina and Trish have a chance to develop their undeniable attraction when their physical survival is at such high risk?

Don’t miss this post-apocalyptic tale of loyalty and survival in the midst of world-wide disaster!

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