The Queens of Crime

The Whitebridge Series

By Sienna Waters

It's a match to die for...

Best-selling American crime novelist Adelaide Park is running away. Until an altercation with a tractor leaves her stuck in the little English town of Whitebridge with no driver’s license and nowhere left to run to.

Whitebridge bookstore owner Anthea Monroe has been dumped for the umpteenth time and has now officially sworn off women for good. She’s firmly focused on building up her failing business, thank you very much.

From day one, Ant and Adelaide clash. But when an interfering agent pairs them together in a last, desperate attempt to save Adelaide’s career, they suddenly can’t escape each other.

Sometimes running away is the answer. A creepy big house, a disappearing woman, a writing retreat that looks a lot like house arrest, a trip to Vegas, an old people’s home that’s better than Club Med, a life-saving cat and a very, very odd best friend all come together to make sure that opposites really do attract. But in the end, Ant and Adelaide might not be so different after all…

The Queens of Crime is a lesbian romance, part of the Whitebridge Series, featuring a very happy ending from bestselling Sapphic author Sienna Waters, author of The Wrong Date, Crossing the Pond, and A Quiet Life.

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