The Right Closet

By Melissa Price

With unsuspected humor and switchbacks at every turn, The Right Closet flips the script, proving once again that politics makes for strange bedfellows.

Creama LaCroppe is San Francisco’s sensational Puerto Rican drag queen diva extraordinaire. Her nemesis is the venomous anti-LGBT Congressman Dick Peak. When Creama is recruited to follow Peak to Puerto Rico to expose his dirty deals, she reluctantly agrees.

Then their plane ditches in the Caribbean and the lifeboats disappear before Creama can evacuate with the unconscious congressman in tow. Soon they find themselves in a hospital stricken with amnesia, and not realizing they’re supposed to hate each other, Creama and Peak become best friends.

Consumed with grief for persuading Creama to board the ill-fated flight, Tawny Beige—Creama’s best friend and sexy lesbian newscaster—is determined to investigate the disappearance. Joining forces with Kate, the alluring flight attendant, their search delivers results that no one could have anticipated.


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