The Senator’s Widow

By Aoibh Wood

Unravel the threads of clandestine love and political intrigue in this captivating tale, where entangled hearts and hidden agendas collide, weaving a thrilling dance of romance and deception in the shadowy corridors of power.

In this tantalizing lesbian romantic thriller, Sarah Lou Rogers, a disgraced former Secret Service Agent, has sworn off love, finding refuge in fleeting, no-strings-attached encounters after a perilous affair left her life in shambles.

Miranda, known as the ‘Web Spinner of Washington, D.C.,’ is the unseen hand guiding her husband, ultra-conservative Senator Mitchell Reichert, to the threshold of the White House. Despite her sham marriage and a life filled with superficial pleasures, she can’t shake off the memory of one passionate night with Sarah, a night she convinces herself was just a fling.

However, the tables turn when Mitchell is assassinated, and Miranda is named the prime suspect. Now, on the run, she and Sarah find shelter in the serene and rugged beauty of Sarah’s childhood home in the Appalachian highlands of Kentucky. Here, echoes of the past mingle with the mist, and the unbreakable bonds of family stand firm like the ancient oaks.

In this tranquil mountain town, long-buried secrets are unearthed, and smoldering desires are ignited. As the shadows of their pasts intertwine, will Sarah and Miranda be able to explore the budding romance between them, or will the looming threats snuff out the sparks of their newfound connection?

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