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Action / Adventure
Trigger/Content Warning:
implied, or off the page, sexual violence and murder

The SEPA Project

The SEPA Series, Book 1

By J Moody

She awakes, ready to start her new life. She can’t wait to begin.

How is she to know this will be her eleventh beginning?

Imagine a world where your worst, most painful memories could be taken. Where your best could be stolen.

SEPA 288 is merely a tool, trained by the elite rulers of New Bhutan to gather intelligence and spy on rebel forces in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Banjar. Her missions are so classified, even the Sepas are not allowed to remember them. Each time she survives, her memory of the incident is emptied and archived for study.

SEPA 288 remembers nothing. She is nobody, a pawn to be sacrificed for a greater cause until her early death.

All that changes, however, when her mentor, Meera San, asks her to spy on their own government. She sends her on a secret mission to discover why members of New Bhutan society are disappearing overnight, never to be seen again.

The deal? If 288 accepts the mission, she gets to retain her memories. If she succeeds…if she returns at all.

The mission sets her on a treacherous path, where she fights to unravel the dark secrets of New Bhutan and uncover the truth of her world, her masters, and herself. Failure to do so will result in losing more than her memories this time, or even just her life.

Many, many lives are now in her hands.

Available through Kindle Unlimited
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