The Sorceror’s Lament

Chronizles of Azaria

The Sorceror Saga Series, Book 1

By Sam Dogra

A talented Magician and reclusive Enchanter must join forces to stop a devastating magic...if they don't tear each other apart first

Ever since the restoration of magic, Magicians and Enchanters have been in an uneasy alliance. The Magicians’ power maintains peace, while the Enchanters’ potions prevent magic’s dangerous side effects.

But the Enchanters have become increasingly evasive, and the High Magician suspects foul play. Thus eighteen-year-old Jessie Balthanders, a Magician prodigy, is recruited to investigate. If she can expose their possible treason, she’ll be hailed a hero.

She finds herself apprenticed to Lahara Redford, a powerful but jaded Enchanter who deeply mistrusts Magicians. With tensions running high, the two must learn to work together as they are dragged into a dark conspiracy.

But Jessie needs to find answers soon, and if Lahara discovers her true nature, she’ll have far more than the High Magician’s wrath to fear.

The cost of success, however, may be far greater than failure.

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