The Sound of Her Smile

The Jensy Willett Series, Book 2

By Sara Scott

Nothing worthwhile is easy.

“I’ve been trying so hard to be logical and levelheaded… when all I really want to do is think with my heart.”

In the aftermath of a fateful decision that threatened to tear them apart, Jensy Willett and Sophie Barnes begin the work to rekindle their tattered relationship. It is a quest that will lead them to rediscover the joy, trust, and passion they had once shared. Together, they will experience a multitude of new adventures, opportunities, and startling revelations.

But their journey will also include an earth-shattering challenge that will test Jensy and Sophie in ways that neither of them could have ever anticipated.

What does their future hold?

Sara Scott’s The Sound of Her Smile is a lesbian romance/relationship novel, that continues the where the award-winning, The Touch of Her Voice, left off. It is the second book in the Jensy Willett series.

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