The Story in Your Eyes

By J. D. Lorien

Sometimes, the best stories are told without words.

Greer isn’t exactly Lyssa’s friend. To be fair, neither is anyone else in Chicago. But Greer needs a roommate who understands sign language, because it’s too dangerous for her to live alone in the middle of a renovation project.

While communication isn’t exactly one of Lyssa’s strengths, she is in desperate need of a safe place to stay, as the world hovers on the brink of indefinite isolation.

Normally, Lyssa is only comfortable expressing herself behind the anonymity of her online alter-ego, where her deepest fears and frustrations can be hidden just beneath the surface of her art.

Greer strives to make those she cares about feel safe, because she knows all too well what it feels like to be abandoned. She transforms old houses, restores furniture, and recognizes the beauty beneath the surface of society’s cast-offs. And even though Lyssa doesn’t know what Greer sees in her, she can’t turn down the offer of safety when she needs it the most.

Together, they must learn there is power in truth, comfort in trust, and many ways to tell a story that don’t involve words.

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