The Storyteller

By Jea Hawkins

One woman finds an unforgettable love when worlds collide.

I meet a woman who invites me to the pub. She could be Joan Jett’s Irish doppelganger, an idea that seems so far removed from the Troubles, I can’t believe it. But the Troubles are real and permeate the everyday lives of the people of Belfast. — Nancy Wagner, AP

In 1982, Jane Ferris couldn’t care less that Northern Ireland is crumbling all around her. Life is about drinking, loving women, and dodging her father’s former IRA connections. Her mother begs her to hold the family together, but Jane only wants distraction from the real world and she almost finds it with American journalist, Nancy Wagner.

Nancy is in Belfast with an assignment and a dream: make her mark on the world by getting to the heart of the Troubles with her reporting. As the college graduate goes where few women journalists have ventured before, Jane sets out to make her another notch on her bedpost, but instead finds herself acting as both guide and protector.

Dangerous circumstances push Nancy into Jane’s arms. While Jane knows it can’t possibly last, she resolves to make the most of their tumultuous time together…

…and finds herself living a life she never dreamed possible with the woman she can’t seem to forget as their worlds collide.

I came to Belfast to tell a story that began with this strong, beautiful, street-smart punk. Will it end with her, as well?

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