The Tell Tale

Golden Crown Literary Award (Goldie)

By Clare Ashton

Snow, secrets, an icy lady of the manor, a vile villain, open fires and hidden love.

A frosty December and Bethan Griffiths has returned home to unwrap secrets. It’s the 1970s and she is back in the village of Foel in the Welsh hills to raise her daughter. They arrive to the open arms of her family and the community, but not all is what it seems and Beth isn’t home for the reason she pretends either.

Vicious notes start appearing that reveal harsh truths about the village inhabitants, stirring up ancient past, old loves and the dead. Not even local dignitary, the elegant and aloof Lady Melling who hides in her manor house, is safe from the accusations.

But when Beth receives her notes, they aren’t what she expected. Is she being toyed with like the other villagers, or is she being guided to a long-sought truth?

The Tell Tale has been watching and waiting, because there’s something queer about the village of Foel.

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